Baltia Publishing

  • Baltic Journal of Economic Studies

    ISSN (Print): 2256-0742

    ISSN (Online): 2256-0963


    Publishing House of Polonia University “Educator” and ISMA University of Applied Sciences are the co-publishers of this periodical.

    The "Baltic Journal of Economic Studies" is an international scientific journal in the field of economics, business management, national economy, structural and social policies, innovation perspectives and institutional capability. The scientific journal publishes original research and theoretical and practical articles on many issues of economic science. The main attention is paid to articles on the evaluation and analysis of the modern economy, the branch economy of local and foreign markets, the development of business strategies...
  • Three Seas Economic Journal

    ISSN (Print): 2661-5150

    ISSN (Online): 2661-5290

    Periodicity: four times a year

    Language: English


    Three Seas Economic Journal is an international scientific journal which deals with research in the field of macroeconomic and regional policy on the cooperation between European countries, studies on the development of transport and soft infrastructures, the digital and innovative models of business management, the transformation and development of regional communication models and building socio-economic cooperation between Northern, Western, Central, and Southern Europe, the formation of a sociocultural space and advancement of creative industries, art business,...

  • Green, Blue and Digital Economy Journal

    ISSN (Print): 2661-5169

    ISSN (Online): 2661-5282


    The journal "Green, Blue and Digital Economy Journal" publishes scientific researches on economic analysis related to the use of natural resources, the solution of environmental and economic problems. The last decade has been characterized by numerous economic crises and the development of global environmental problems. In response to the negative effects of economic development on the environment, as well as the financial crisis, the international community is looking for solutions to develop a sustainable economy and society. In this context, concepts such as "green economy", "blue economy" and "digital economy" have emerged and become more widespread at the international...

  • Economics & Education

    ISSN (Print): 2500-946X

    ISSN (Online):  2592-8236


    The journal “Economics and Education” publishes actual information and modern researches in the corresponding fields. The main aim of the journal is to popularize ideas of modern scientists, facilitate exchange of the most up-to-date information in the subject areas and stimulate scientific activities in order to solve modern society problems. The journal is intended for people involved in science, teachers, students (including doctorate) and practitioners.

  • Administratīvā un Kriminālā Justīcija

    ISSN (Print): 1407-2971

    ISSN (Online):  2592-8422


    Latvia Police Academy founded and started publishing of the journal "Administratīvā un Kriminālā Justīcija" in 1997 in order to provide an opportunity to academic staff and students (Master students and doctoral students) to publish the results of scientific research works.

    Since 2010 Baltic International Academy (No 50–80) has been the publisher, since 2017 Baltic International Academy and Rezekne Academy of Technologies have jointly published the journal.

    The journal has an international scientific editorial board where PH.Ds from Latvia,...

  • Baltic Journal of Legal and Social Sciences

    ISSN: 2592-8813


    Baltic Journal of Legal and Social Sciences was founded in 2021 year (2002–2020 existed as the ”Baltic Journal of Law”). Founder of the Journal – SIA “Baltic International Academy”. Publisher of the Journal – Publishing House “Baltija Publishing”. The Journal publishes scientific and analytical articles on topical issues of social science and practice both in and outside the Baltic region. The journal is published four times a year.

    The purpose of the journal – to cover and promote modern scientific studies in...