Published: May 30, 2024


From the perspective of the methodological approach of meta-anthropology and metaanthropology of charisma, the massification, virtualization and media presence of human charisma in social media are analyzed. It is noted that the most common in the space of social media are the existential-corporeal and existentialpersonal charisma of a man, which are often objectified by him and act only as an imitation of charisma. It is realized that the massification of a person’s charisma occurs by lowering the criteria of charisma and averaging personality in social media, as well as communicative manipulation. It is noted that the virtualization of a person’s life precedes the virtualization of his charisma, which is especially noticeable in the space of social media. It is proven that the acquisition of personal integrity and existential-communicative charisma takes man out of the closed circle of manipulation and imitation, and also overcomes the contradiction of virtual and real charisma.

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Krylova, V. (2024). THE PHENOMENON OF HUMAN CHARISMA ON SOCIAL MEDIA: MODERN CHALLENGES AND TENDENCIES. Baltic Journal of Legal and Social Sciences, (2), 65-73.
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human charisma, personality, meta-anthropology of charisma, self-realization

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