Published: May 30, 2024


The "Ukrainian Project" appears to the modern audience as an attempt to revive Ukrainian statehood. Taking into account the difficult geopolitical atmosphere, the complex conglomerate of Russian narratives, the national movement offered various models for solving the further political future of Ukraine. Cause-and-effect relationships showed the crystallization of the main directions of the modern movement. Among them, we outline the political radicalism that M. Drahomanov actively promoted in his socio-political, educational and spiritual activities. He believed that radical changes in society through a revolutionary-federal sequence of actions could lead to the creation of a new political future of Ukraine with a socialist flavor. However, in contrast to the socialist perspective and the creation of community unity, O. Konyskyi seeks to concentrate precisely on Ukrainian patriot forces. He offers an evolutionary and cultural model of the realization of a historical choice for the Ukrainian ethnic group, which, unfortunately, was stateless at that time. According to O. Konyskyi, the method of legitimization and proving the right to historical choice had to be carried out only officially, since other attempts would be unsuccessful and threatening for the entire Ukrainian national movement. The comparative method of analysis of O. Konyskyi and M. Drahomanov, their ideological principles and polar approaches in the context of building a new state was used in the preparation of the presented research. Scientific intelligence can be used to prepare for debates and discussions in general secondary, vocational and technical and higher education institutions.

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Havryliuk, M. (2024). THE AUTHOR’S NARRATIVES OF M. DRAHOMANOVA AND O. KONYSKOHO IN ILLUMINATION OF UKRAINIAN HISTORY. Baltic Journal of Legal and Social Sciences, (2), 80-88.
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M. Drahomanov, O. Konyskyi, M. Vozniak, L. Hlibov, Ukrainian history, liberation movement, liberation movement, historical documents, epistolary heritage, narrative, Ukrainian sources, comparative analysis

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