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Author Guidelines

To publish an article, you need to complete three steps:
1. Send the article to our editorial office for review.
2. Pass the double-blind peer review procedure (after reviewing, the author receives a review report).
3. For articles accepted after peer-review authors will receive notification concerning the article processing charge (APC).
And only after all this, on average this process takes about 3 months, the author will be able to receive the published material in hard copy.

Manuscript formatting requirements

Papers should be of 10-30 pages in length (1.5-spaced, Times New Roman 14) including the following obligatory parts:

  • Author’s full name and academic title(s).
  • Author’s full affiliation (including, name of the department, faculty and university, address and e-mail address; if necessary point out the corresponding author). If the author affiliates him/herself with a business organization or institution, please, supply adequate information on the organisation’s full title and address and e-mail address.
  • Title of the paper (capitalize each meaningful word).
  • An abstract (250-350 words) to disclose the main idea of the paper and your research results).
  • Keywords (up to 5 meaningful words/phrases). Always refer to the country(ies) of your research.
  • Introduction is an obligatory part of the paper, where the author(s) indicates the novelty of the topic and its urgent scientific solutions. The research goal should be clearly stated alongside with research tasks, research methodology, restrictions of the research and major sources of references. Indicate the logic of presenting your research material, e.g., define which section contains what information or research findings (theoretical and empirical).
  • The body of the text should be broken into meaningful sections with individual headings to disclose the essence of this section. Do not make the headings too long – a preferable heading should contain 1-7 words. Every paper should contain Conclusions, where the author(s) should conclude on the research material, without new facts or data. Implications for a future research might also find their place in Conclusions. Author(s) might opt for a section of Discussion or Recommendations, this practice is also welcome in our Journal.
  • References must be in Harvard style. References should be clearly cited in the body of the text, e.g. (Smith, 2006) or (Smith, 2006, p.45), if an exact quotation is being used. At the end of the paper the author(s) should present full References in the alphabetical order as follows:
    • Kasser, M. (2008). The Economics of Transition: From Socialist Economy to Market Economy – London, Macmillan Press, 295 p.
    • Olsen, T.E., Osmundsen, P. (2003). Spillovers and international competition for investments. Journal of International Economics, Vol. 59, issue 1, p. 211–238.

Technical requirements

  • The text may contain tables and figures, which should have separate numbering (one numbering system for tables; another – for figures). They should be placed in the text at the appropriate paragraph (just after its reference).


Copyright Notice

Copyright and Open Access License

Authors submitting articles for publication warrant that the work is not an infringement of any existing copyright and will indemnify the publisher against any breach of such warranty. For ease of dissemination and to ensure proper policing of use, papers and contributions become the legal copyright of the publisher unless otherwise agreed.

The following license will apply to the article: CC BY-NC

The CC BY-NC license allows others to process, correct and take your work as a basis for derivatives, non-commercial purposes. Although the new product should be placed along with your authorship and distributed on a commercial basis, the licensing of derivatives on the same conditions is not necessary.