Authorship and contributorship

Authorship and contributorship

We consider the author (co-author) of a research article as it is done by СОРЕ, that is the person who is the creator or originator of an idea (e.g., the author of the theory of relativity) or the individual or individuals who develop and bring to fruition the product that disseminates intellectual or creative works. The status of the article writer means that this person performed the research and did not infringe the copyright and other persons' rights.

When defining authors and authorship, we also take into account and focus on Authorship and Authorship Responsibilities proposed by the Council of Science Editors (CSE) and Defining the Role of Authors and Contributors, determined by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE).

We structure our relationship with the authors on trust and mutual respect. This means that the author, before sending an manuscript to the journal, has read and accepted the publication ethics principles, the "Publishing policies" and "Editorial policies", as well as the article publication terms. This means, among other things, that the authors present the results of a truly original research in their article. This means that the authors do not borrow other people's ideas and texts in the course of the article preparation, do not send their article to several journals simultaneously, do not use the scientific potential of the journal team and reviewers to improve the article for the purpose of its subsequent sending to another journal. It also means that the authors studied the issue of possible conflicts of interest availability and made sure that they were absent.

When submitting an article, the corresponding author should define the role of each author. Authors are responsible for ensuring a high quality of their manuscripts to meet standards of scholarly research. Authors should present the study in an objective and accurate manner.

The corresponding author is responsible to ensure that the other co-authors have provided significant contribution to the preparation of the manuscript. The corresponding author must ensure that all co-authors approve the final manuscript and agree to its submission for publication in an open access journal.

Before submission of the article, the corresponding author ensures that it is well-structured, easily readable, proofread and formatted according to the Manuscript guidelines. Language and formatting editors might provide recommendations how to improve only minor shortcomings. In case of the need for substantial changes for language and formatting, the referees may reject the manuscript. Although the editors prefer that papers are written in British English, they could be written in US English, but not a mixture of different variants of English.

The corresponding author is responsible for providing corrections of mistakes in case of detection them.

Authors must acknowledge the work of others by properly citing all sources.

Authors should also acknowledge anyone who has contributed to the article. All sources of financial support should be disclosed in the Acknowledgements section.

Authors are obliged to clear all necessary permissions to reproduce any kind of third-party material (figures, tables, texts, etc.) which is treated as a separate copyright item. Copies of each permission should be provided to the editor. Authors should avoid web links to images or other material which might break down over a period of time or direct readers to a site that is breaching copyright. Authors should also consider the inclusion in the article any image (figure, table, etc.) which is protected by copyright. Only if authors make substantial changes to it, it might not need any permission.