Nadezhda Onikienko


The subject of research of this article are the processing enterprises of Ukraine. In the period of political and economic instability, when state decentralization is carried out and territorial communities receive greater powers and resources, the issue of building a model of enterprise management is becoming increasingly important. The purpose of the article is to develop an effective model for managing processing enterprises in the relevant direction of the development of the state. Methodology. During the analysis it was established that an effective management model for processing enterprises should be consistent with the development strategies of the state and a particular region. These strategies are interrelated and provide for a comprehensive system approach. The study is based on an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the region: geographic, economic, industrial. Based on the analysis of the strengths of the region, the opportunities for efficient development of processing enterprises in the given territory were determined and a model of territorially-oriented management of enterprises was developed. The model is based on the principles of economic and political development of the region, with the help of which, its opportunities are realized. Conclusions. Territorial-oriented management of a processing enterprise is an effective model of organization and management. This model covers all spheres of influence on the development of the enterprise. It is based on the interrelation of the territory and the processing enterprise and ensures the receipt of state support within the framework of the approved development strategy for a certain territory. In the proposed model, we observe that at the first stage – the organization of the enterprise, its founder is guided by the geographically attractive location of the enterprise. At the second stage – development, the enterprise developing in accordance with the strategies of development of regions and the state, has the opportunity to receive state support and positively affect the territory, reducing its negative sides, developing it.


processing enterprises, geographically-oriented model, effective management, industrial potential, foreign economic relations.


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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.30525/2256-0742/2017-3-4-185-190


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