Natalya Potryvaieva, Inha Aheienko


The research considers the issue of the provision of agrarian enterprises in Ukraine by material and technical resources and effective use of them. The scientific novelty of the results obtained is in the research of theoretical positions, substantiation of applied approaches concerning the organization of material and technical provision of enterprises of the agrarian sector, in particular, Mykolaiv region, taking into account the proposals of the second market of agricultural machinery, units, and aggregates. Methodology. The purpose of the article is the research and estimation of the current state of the provision of agrarian enterprises by material and technical resources. The object of scientific research is the process of provision of material and technical resources for enterprises of the agrarian sector in Mykolaiv region. The level of material and technical resources at agricultural enterprises in Mykolaiv region is analysed. Relative improvement of the situation with technical equipment and energy supply of agriculture in the Mykolaiv region since 2014 is defined; however, the dynamics are not active sufficiently and do not exceed five percent. The ratio between the amount of machinery purchased and disposed of by depreciation is disproportionate, the equipment provided by the unit of area, and the load on the machines available in the farms do not meet the requirements. The dynamics of capital and direct foreign investments in agriculture of Mykolaiv region, which during the research period increased, is investigated. It is proved that despite the rather successful development of capital investments by large-scale agricultural producers in the region, financial investments in modernization, repair, and acquisition of the new technology by small business entities are not sufficiently active. The authors substantiate that the tasks of technical re-equipment for commodity producers of the Mykolaiv region remain one of the most important, the search for prospective ways of its renewal is urgent. In particular, the authors proposed to intensify the formation of the secondary market of restored agricultural machinery based on the experience of foreign countries. Progressive improvement of material and technical resources is seen in the development of a network of local leasing funds and funds of preferential lending to agricultural commodity producers; expansion of cooperative forms of acquisition and exploitation of high-tech; the growth of dealer centres that provide rural commodity producers with equipment on leasing terms. In the conclusions, it is proved that the reduction of the number of the main types of equipment at agricultural enterprises in Mykolaiv region led to the fact that most of the technics are used longer the normative lifetime, on-load for each type of equipment is constantly increasing due to its scarcity. Improvement of the efficiency and growth of agricultural production and the level of its intensification needs updating of the material and technical base of agricultural enterprises, which requires significant investments. Taking into account the implementation of the region targeted programs, the role of public authorities is to develop measures aimed at a comprehensive solution to problems related not only to the implementation of technical, investment, and innovation policies but also to the coordinated co-operation between the industrial, commercial, and financial strategy.


agricultural enterprises, material and technical resources, fixed assets of production, energy supply, capital and direct investments.

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