Viktor Kushniruk, Tetiana Ivanenko


International economic relations at the level of export and import of goods and services have a significant impact on the development of the economy of each country. At the same time, the export of goods and services by enterprises of Ukraine at the regional level plays an important role, which is a source of significant inflow of foreign exchange funds, ensuring financial stability and investment attractiveness. The subject of the research is theoretical, methodological, and practical aspects of the development of foreign economic activity by enterprises of Ukraine at the regional level. The methodological basis of the study is the dialectical method of cognition and the basics provisions of economic science. The use of the system approach allowed considering the object and subject of research as a system and element of the general economic system. In the process of research, a number of methods are used, such as: abstract-logical, economic-statistical, monographic, and graphic. The purpose of the study is to analyse trends and prospects for the export and import of goods and services by enterprises of Ukraine at the regional level. The stated purpose led to the following tasks: conducting research on the volumes of export and import trade in goods and services; identification of factors influencing foreign trade; definition of geographical changes in the sphere of foreign trade and the coefficient of export coverage by import; substantiation of cooperation with foreign partners on a toll basis. According to the results of the research, the following conclusions are obtained: trends and prospects of the export and import of goods and services are investigated; it is found that the low competitiveness of national industrial products, the crisis financial situation of most industrial enterprises, the lack of development of national certification systems and quality control of export goods, the low world rating of Ukraine’s reliability for loans and investments affects foreign trade; a significant expansion of the geography of export trade and import supplies is revealed, which positively influenced the balance of foreign trade in goods and services. Therefore, in order to build a highly efficient national economy, the foreign economic activity of Ukrainian enterprises at the regional level should be oriented towards the development of export of finished products, rather than raw materials and partial import substitution for those products that can be successfully produced in Ukraine. The process of import substitution solves a range of socio-economic tasks, such as the revival of the agro-industrial complex, the reduction of unemployment, and the strengthening of the country’s economic security. At the same time, the modernization of agrarian and industrial enterprises can take place at the expense of foreign exchange earnings from export.


international economy, foreign trade, export, import, pricing policy, agriculture.

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