Viktoriia Harkava, Svitlana Klimenko


The purpose of the article is to determine indicators that objectively allow attracting own or debt sources for capital expansion of enterprises. Dynamic development of the agro-processing sector of the economy of Ukraine is considered on the basis of interaction of agricultural and processing complexes of Mykolaiv region of Ukraine. Methodology. Determining indicators of formation and use of capital of enterprises is carried out after studying analytical support for the factor evaluation of market trends in the production of processing enterprises of AIC (agro-industrial complex) of Mykolaiv region that has developed processing industry and is based on studies of the period from 2005 to 2009 when a situation regarding the provision of processing enterprises significantly improved but, much as today, the state of business in relation to animal products was ambiguous. Results of the research show that it was expedient to conduct a trend analysis, which purpose is comparison of the volume of agricultural products sold to processing enterprises and the production of core products by processing enterprises, determination of the main trend of dynamics of selected indicators by means of comparing each of positions in the period of 2005–2009. This allowed finding indicators for determining the requisite capital of enterprises. Practical implications. Substantiation of the financial restructuring of the capital of enterprises of AIC enables their further development in terms of European integration and will ensure the attractiveness of investing in the agricultural complex of Ukraine. Value/originality. The authors formed an approach to identifying a need for a capital of processing enterprises based on developed economic models and analytical support for the factor evaluation of production market trends that made provisions for prerequisites for adequate determination of the potential of processing enterprises of AIC.


processing enterprises of agro-industrial complex, factor evaluation of production market trends, financial restructuring of capital.

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