Yevheniia Duliba, Oleh Ilkiv


The purpose of this research is to study the main problems that prevent Ukraine from integrating into the global economy and to determine correct focuses of the foreign economic policy of Ukraine against the background of strengthening of globalization tendencies throughout the world. The bases of this research are bases of business development of the foreign economic policy of Ukraine and improvement of Ukrainian economy against the background of international integration. At the heart of the research methodology is a dialectical method of scientific knowledge and, besides, special methods of research based on modern scientific bases of economic, management and related to them knowledge: economic and statistic method – for the assessment of the modern state of foreign trade and investment activity of Ukraine; method of analysis and synthesis – for the determination of tendencies of development of integration processed in Ukraine; comparative analysis – for comparison of information concerning development of specific indicators of foreign economic activities in Ukraine. Results. As a result of research, the main blocks of problems, which impede the integration of Ukraine into the global economy, and requirements for their complex solution are determined. Besides, interdependence and interdetermination of problems, which impede the integration of Ukraine into the global economy, and requirements for their complex solution are explained. Political and legal, economic, sociocultural, and infrastructural preconditions that are necessary for effective integration of Ukraine into the global economy are highlighted. Practical implications. Analysis of the existing problems related to the actual economy, investments, innovation processes gives the possibility to determine the vector of development of Ukraine’s economy taking to account recommendations concerning its improvement for the purposes of integration into global economy. Value/Originality. Conducted research has provided the possibility to confirm the obtained results: integration of Ukraine into the global economy is impossible without the development of the main strategic directions of integration, without carrying out reforms that would be helpful in improving Ukraine’s reputation on the international stage. It is confirmed that without correct, scientifically well-grounded, carefully well-reasoned and gradually implemented policy in Ukraine, any national strategy of economic and social development that makes provision for integration of our country into global economy cannot be successfully realized.


foreign economic activity, integration, global economy, economy of Ukraine, globalization.

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