Katalin Tsymbliuk

  Yaroslava Larina


The purpose of the paper is the identification of the current state and trends of the vitiviniculture sector in Ukraine. Methodology. There was made an analysis of the major indicators’ dynamics of the viticulture development during 1995–2016 years in terms of the assessment of the total vineyards area, productivity, and gross harvest of grapes. There are given results of the analysis of wine production producing dynamics for 2010–2016 years from the position of grape wines classification, namely: producing of grape wine, table wines, producing of champagne and sparkling wines, brandy and fortified wines. Results. It was determined that the results of the analysis of the major indicators dynamics of the winemaking (viniculture) development in Ukraine show structural changes, the situation of the wine market, and an untapped potential of the industry. Practical implications. The domestic viticulture and wine industry must be up to the world standards of production and quality in order to occupy a fitting place among world producers. The achievement of specified goals is only possible in case the industry output is on the sufficiently high level of development that induces to systematic search by scientists, practical farmers, winegrowers and winemakers together with the state support that provides ways and methods for improving the economic, technological, social, and other kinds of industry efficiency. Analysis of recent researches and publications. During the last decades, a great number of scientific and practical works in Ukraine were published, dedicated to the research of the current state and the development of the viticulture and winemaking industry. The publications of such authors as Avidzba A.M., Antipov V.P., Buzni A.N., Harkusha O. M., Matchyna I.H., Rybintsev. V.A., Sabluk P.T., Cherven I.I. etc. are particularly noteworthy. However, dynamic changes of the economic situation in the country indicate a necessity of the further examination of the industry and the search for solutions to the problems, which restrain its development. Statement of the problem. The previously unsolved parts of the common problem are a separation of factors, which influence the vitiviniculture sector of Ukraine and the search for ways of the progressive industry’s development recommencement.

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Tsymbliuk, K., & Larina, Y. (2017). THE CURRENT STATE OF THE VITIVINICULTURE SECTOR IN UKRAINE. Baltic Journal of Economic Studies, 3(5), 431-435.
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viticulture, winemaking, vitiviniculture sector, production indicators, processing of wine materials, wine production.


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