Mykhailo Medvid, Oleksander Komisarov, Olga Merdova


The purpose of the article is to describe an economic background of the formation of the strategy of sustainable development by means of central place theory, in particular, a target of the progress of human resources. In this article, there were considered the elements of SWOT-analysis in the strategy of sustainable development of Ukraine, and by this consequence, a strong side through such a positive influence of an internal environment as the population of the country was determined. Only the population is available to resist the main negative influence of inner and outside surroundings on Ukraine: to form necessary and replace an existing management; to shift intercivilisational direction towards the border of Ukraine. There was also made a statistical analysis of result of process of forming and development of human resources in Ukraine (the dynamics of population size, its natural movement, and the level of unemployment) and, as a sequence, we can argue the absence of accordance of real conditions of the socialeconomic conditions by those people who are available to certain types of works, necessary expert knowledge and its improvement and use of acquired capability of human resources during the creation of welfare in considering of standing changes during the activities. It leads to migration, and that’s why there is a risk for sustainable development. And it leads to losses of active-age population, facilitates the reduction of births. By the statistics of migration processes and processes of forming of run and supplies of educational services by the countries, we validate the hypothesis about central place theory, which is reasonable to use in practice not only in regard to inhabited localities and also in regard to countries. Practical importance of the scientific research results lies in reconsideration of the tasks of forming and developing of human resources in strategy of sustainable development of Ukraine in the light of central place theory, which is important for successful social-economic development of the state and concurs to screen out the factors, which prevent a social-economic development, facilitates the development and following improvement of regulatory framework. In view of the stated above, the scientific researchers in this area are relevant and timely within the period of search for the priorities of national economic policy. Methodology. Methodological backgrounds of research formation of standing development of Ukraine are scaled by means of complex scientific knowledge, which let to consider this problem as a complicated phenomenon. On the background of studying about internal and outside surroundings of the country (SWOT-analysis), central place theory, and others scientific approaches, an idea of standing development of Ukraine is a complicated systematic category.


sustainable development strategy, formation and progress of human resources, migration, demand and supply of educational services, central place theory

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