Published: Jul 25, 2018

  Anna Oleshko

  Olena Tymoshenko

  Оlena Trokhymets


The purpose of the paper is to study the trends in the development of the Cashless Global Economy and the prospects for the formation of the Cashless Economy of Ukraine. Methodology. The survey is based on the economic analysis of indicators of the number of debit and credit cards, the use of contactless payments, the spread of payments through mobile devices, and the volume of cashless transactions. The targeted indicator (target) of the cashless payments in Ukraine in 2020 and the share of cash in GDP will be no less than the average meaning in European Union. Results of the survey showed the identification of advantages and threats of the cashless economy and in the formation of the digitalization development activities. Practical implications. Proposals for the development of cashless payments can be implemented in the monetary policy of Ukraine. Value/originality. Increase in cashless payments in the economy, in the payment for goods and services, e-commerce, consumer crediting, social payments, pensions, and subsidies will lead to economic growth increase and integration processes in Ukraine.

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Oleshko, A., Tymoshenko, O., & TrokhymetsО. (2018). FORMATION OF THE CASHLESS ECONOMY IN UKRAINE AND IN THE WORLD. Baltic Journal of Economic Studies, 4(2), 147-150.
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Cashless Global Economy, Cashless Economy, monetary policy, e-money, digital currency


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