Pavlo Pokataiev, Oleg Matviichuk


The purpose of the paper is to cover the main moments of the state program of informatisation of society and on the basis of the sources used to propose a strategic vision of the further development of the information society in the context of its financing. Methodology. The survey is based on the analysis of the development of information society in Ukraine taking into account features of state policy in the field of informatisation. Laws and regulations that influence the national program of informatisation are outlined. The scientific material, which describes the processes of financing and implementation of the informatisation program, of domestic scientists is indicated. The direction of financing of the state program of informatisation of society in the context of integration into world processes is highlighted. The formation of conclusions and schemes of the vector of development of the information society is based on the research of scientific works and on the basis of our considerations in the context of the use of the intellectual potential of the citizens of the country. Results. The positive directions of foreign investments for funding the state program of informatisation of society, such as competition, innovations, accumulation of capital are outlined. On the example of one of the regions of Ukraine, the main problems are identified, which prevent to more quickly implement the National Program of Informatisation. The way of ensuring national competitiveness and investment attractiveness is proposed, as a result of solving certain problem issues. The algorithm of actions in the form of a vector for the development of the information society, for the improvement of the sustainable development of the information society, is formed. Practical implications. Proposals for developing the information society can be implemented in the state policy of informatisation of state authorities and the country as a whole. The main scientific achievements of this article can be used in the national program of informatisation, which determines the short, medium, and longterm development of the information society in the context of the transformation of social, economic, ecological, scientific and technical, defence, and cultural activities in society at the national level. It is also possible to propose the main content of this scientific material to be used in the future addition of the Concept of the National Program of Informatisation, regional, sectoral programs of informatisation in the context of the management of the implementation of information technologies and programs and projects aimed at improving the infrastructure of the territorial community. Value/originality. Positive and negative tendencies of informatisation of society against the background of the active introduction of the state program of informatisation of society are presented; a scheme is proposed that represents the vector of the development of the information society. The main components of the interaction and growth of the information society are as follows: the negative factors, on the basis of which there is formed the further policy of public administration, tools that can be used in solving current and possible future problem issues, directions of infrastructure development for the implementation of opportunities of the information society, the division of responsibilities between the authorities depending on their resource capacity and maximum capacity to meet the needs of citizens.


investments, financing, public administration

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