Sergii Kolodynskyi

  Tetiana Drakokhrust

  Maryna Bashynska


The development of the innovative digital system, as an important part of the market infrastructure, partly reflects the overall economic level of the country, but its further positive dynamics with the growth of the national economy determines the progress of society as a whole. Methodology. The article provides basis for propositions, aimed at the improvements of development of innovative infrastructure of Ukrainian national economy in the framework of international digital transformation with definition and systematization of all factors that have an impact on the formation of innovation potential and the justification of strategic directions of the development of the infocommunication sphere as a component of the national innovation infrastructure. The development of infocommunication technologies has become an impetus for the formation of the innovation infrastructure of the national economy. The purpose of the article is to study the formation and development of the innovation infrastructure of the digital system in the transitive economy of Ukraine through the reduction of the level of technological development and productivity of production, which requires the stimulation of business entities to innovate. Dependence of the effectiveness of state regulation of the innovation development of infocommunications and the growth of the competitiveness of the national economy is crucial for maximizing the effect of infocommunication thanks to a favourable state policy and an adaptive regulatory framework, taking into account technological changes. Value/originality. The principles of ensuring the development of innovation infrastructure, the effective activity of which guarantees the interaction of subjects and objects of innovation activity, as well as access to various information resources, which, in turn, will increase the efficiency of using the country’s innovative potential in the transition period, which is caused by market changes, technological breakthroughs and shifts in the regulatory sphere of Ukraine. The strategic tasks of creating a modern innovation system, including technological and scientific parks, venture funds, technology transfer networks, etc., are grounded. It requires the introduction of mechanisms of public-private partnership in the innovation sphere.

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Kolodynskyi, S., Drakokhrust, T., & Bashynska, M. (2018). THE INNOVATIVE INFRASTRUCTURE OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT IN THE FRAMEWORK OF INTERNATIONAL DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION. Baltic Journal of Economic Studies, 4(4), 166-172.
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development, digital system, market, innovation infrastructure, information resources, infocommunication technologies, potential, national economy


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