Serhii Cherniavskyi, Andriy Zapototskyi, Anton Syzonenko


The purpose of the article is to study the criminalistics of the use of the most common technologies of acquisition of funds of citizens, done by the way of the financial pyramid. The subject of the study is the content of criminal technology of fraudulent way of the financial pyramid. Methodology. The research is based on the use of general scientific and special-scientific methods and methods of scientific knowledge. The historical-legal method allowed determining the genesis of the concepts of “technology of criminal activity” and “financial pyramid”, as well as the formation of scientific and theoretical views on problems and methods of combating them. The comparative legal method was used to compare the doctrinal approaches of legislative regulation to counteract fraud committed by the method of the financial pyramid. The system-structural method contributed to the awareness of the technologies of preparing, committing, and concealing the fraud. The methods of grouping and classification were the basis for the author’s approach to the differentiation of technologies for the acquisition of funds of citizens, depending on the organizational and legal form, under the cover of which a financial pyramid was created. The statistical method is used in the analysis of investigative and judicial practice for ten years. The results of the study showed that the method of financial pyramid used for committing fraud is fully structured and includes criminal technologies for preparing, committing, and concealing the fraud. The combination of separate technologies in the mechanism of the crime is aimed at masking the active phase of criminal activity under civil-law relations, which complicates the timely detection of the signs of the crime both by the victim and by law enforcement agencies. Practical implications. The research carried out the typing of fraudulent techniques using the financial pyramid method, which is the basis for developing and improving methods of disclosure and investigation of crimes. Value/ originality. On the basis of the proposed author’s approach to the differentiation of technologies of criminal activity, it is possible to predict the emergence of the new ways of committing fraud in the financial sector.


fraud, financial pyramid, technology of criminal activity, way of committing a crime

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