Ganna Iefimova

  Andrey Labartkava

  Oleksiy Pashchenko


The subject of research is actual problems of diagnostics of threats and risks of regional development, factors of economic safety, methodological support of its estimation. The aim is to formulate a methodological framework for assessing the economic security of the regions development. The formation of the research methodology is carried out on the basis of theoretical and methodological platform for the development of rating method for assessing the economic security of the region. The use of the matrix method for describing the initial state of the system has been justified; the method of normalized values has been used for bringing various indices. Factors influencing the level of investment activity and economic security of the region have been identified. All factors that change the level of economic security are divided into four groups depending on the macroeconomic indicators, the level of which they take into account. It is proposed to divide them into two groups – direct action factors that increase the level of safety and reverse action factors that reduce it. Indicators characterizing the economic development of the region have been grouped by factors of economic security. For each group, the significance of the impact of indicators of individual groups for evaluation of the economic security of the region development has been determined. To estimate the economic security of the regions' development, it was proposed to use an integral indicator based on the state of general economic development, investment activity in the region and demographic indicators of economic development. Depending on the influence of individual factors, the rank of each region is determined first for each group of factors, and then the integral. According to the results of the assessment of the economic security of regions' development by individual groups of factors and the calculated integral indicator, the place of each region has been determined by the level of economic security. The result of the study is classification of the regions according to certain criteria on the basis of the integral index of economic security of the regions' development, which will allow not only to compare the level of economic security, but also to formulate a nationally balanced regional development strategy and identify priority investment areas.

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Iefimova, G., Labartkava, A., & Pashchenko, O. (2020). METHODICAL SUPPORT OF ASSESSMENT OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF ECONOMIC SECURITY OF THE REGION. Baltic Journal of Economic Studies, 6(5), 113-117.
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economic security, economic development, region, risk, threat


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