Olexandra Farat, Marianа Bets


In a context of rapid innovative economic development in the world, a particular importance gets the issue of creation and development of highly effective, the structured field of information, where all people, who are interested in developing of business innovation, are the entities of communication. Availability of reporting mechanisms for interested people by country and getting feedback of information with the proposals of territorial authorities and economic entities for the realization of investment and innovative projects in regions should be considered as one of the main stages in the process of synchronizing innovation development in the Ukrainian economy. The purpose of the researches in the article was to identify the main components of the formation of the information support for entities of management by innovation clusters development. The authors resolved the following tasks to achieve the goal: the genesis of domestic legislation with development of the information society in Ukraine was considered; Ukraine’s place in global rankings on development of information and communication technologies level during 2008–2016 was analysed, identification of information needs of participants in the process of creating and developing clusters was carried out, and communication strategy to stimulate the development of innovation clusters was developed. The genesis of the domestic legislation on the development of the information society in Ukraine demonstrated a lack of systematic approach to the organization and the process of integral development of the information society. These legislations are characterized more recommendatory, than functionally-structured content. In particular, they do not address clearly defined mechanisms for achieving objectives that were in line with the specific functional responsibilities on all levels of public administration. The analysis of Ukraine’s global rankings on development of information and communication technologies level during 2008–2016, evidences a significant passivity of all the participants in Ukrainian economic life not only in a development processes and dissemination of information technology, also on the formation of structured arrangements of the information management of the main economic process, including the processes of creating and developing innovative cluster associations. An important prerequisite for the efficient development of information management’s mechanisms for the economy in Ukraine is the identification of all actual information needs and connected entities of the business, research institutes, territorial authorities etc. The authors’ identification of information needs of participants in the process of creating and developing clusters will assess the significance of effects of casters associations on the country’s economy, in particular, the possibility of innovative development. The authors’ strategies to stimulate the development of innovative clusters will help improve creating information and clusters development depending on the purpose and sources of its simulating.


innovative development, cluster business combinations, information support, information support system, entities of clusters development management

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