Viktoriia Borshch, Roman Shchur, Oleg Chuvakov


The main purpose of the article is to propose the effective instruments of motivation and stimulation of the medical staff within the modern Healthcare Reform in Ukraine. In the article, the main problems and challenges of the stimulation and motivation process of the medical personnel in Ukraine are viewed. The theoretical basis of the motivation process is considered. This article analyses the approach of the differentiation of the “stimulation” and “motivation” categories. The point is stressed that motivation’s main goal is a state change in the medical organization from the point of view of personnel management, and the stimulation is directed to confirming this state. So these two processes are the part of one strategic mechanism of the personnel management and should complement each other. The current situation in the labour market of the healthcare sector is examined. The main issues of this market are defined. And on the basis of the specified problems, the instruments and methods of stimulation of medical staff are proposed by the author. The system of grids as the part of the financial and monetary incentives at the medical establishment is offered with the purpose of its medical staff’s activity improvement. The practical importance of the scientific research results lies in detailing the motivation and stimulation process and its detailed analysis from the point of view of the healthcare sector, which is important for the further development of the healthcare sphere in Ukraine. Methodology. The methodological basis of the article is the complex of methods, including methods of scientific cognition, analysis and synthesis, systematization and scientific abstraction. The informational basis of the conducted research is the scientific works of the domestic and foreign scientists in the sphere of management and organization of health care, the statistical data of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, legal and regulatory documents of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Results. The proposed mechanism of medical staff’s motivation and stimulation allows solving the problems related to the shortage of the medical staff, the quality of their activity and their performance improvement etc. Further research directions are aimed at the study of all aspects of managerial capital formation and improvement in the healthcare field.


stimulation, motivation, medical staff, remuneration of medical staff, system of grids, health care system, medical reform

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