About the Journal

As a publication that represents a variety of cross-disciplinary interests, both theoretical and practical, the TSEJ invites manuscripts on a wide range of topics, especially in the following areas:

  • Macroeconomic policy
  • Regional policy
  • Regional and territorial management of sustainable development
  • Socio-economic cooperation and partnership
  • Regional communications and transport infrastructure
  • Innovative and digital business management models
  • Sustainable entrepreneurship and social responsibility
  • Study of hybrid social networks and cyber-physical communities
  • Tourism and entertainment
  • Socio-cultural development and cultural policy
  • Creative industry and art business

“Three Seas Economic Journal” seeks to cover a wide range of issues of development and interaction of the countries of the European continent and to be at the forefront of important research.
The editorial office accepts a position of broad scientific views and various disciplinary approaches. Groundbreaking researches are especially encouraged. All submitted materials must be original, copyright, and sufficiently consistent both conceptually and methodologically, written in a clear and logical manner. Non-native English speakers are highly recommended to use help and peer review.

Main projects
Publication of researches devoted to the study of the most important issues of economic, political and socio-cultural interaction and development of the countries of the European space.

Benefits for authors
In order to maximize the coverage of the scientific community and the development of scientific progress, authors and publishers can release the results of their research not only in print editions, but necessarily post the materials according to the principles of Open Access.
We also provide many copyright benefits such as free PDF files of the articles, open copyright policy, special discounted publications, and open peer review policy. The publishing cycle includes editing, proofreading and electronic production.
You can also publish a review of the monograph or book for free and find specific information for your research.
The main advantages for authors are free access to wide readership from all over the world, integration into global scientific databases, reduced scientific isolation and new opportunities for joint research projects.

The benefits of Open Access are supported by organizations that fund global scientific research (The Howard Hughes Medical Institute, The Welcome Trust, government agencies in Australia, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Greece, India, Italy, Canada, Norway, Germany, Hungary, France).

Discover the authors’ researches covering relevant, discursive, and innovative topics in the most important scientific areas of social development.