Plagiarism Statement


The editorial board of the journal is committed to publishing only original material, i.e., material that has neither been published elsewhere, nor is under review elsewhere. The journal “Three Seas Economic Journal” uses software to detect instances of overlapping and similar text in submitted manuscripts. Manuscripts in which plagiarism or textual borrowings are found without reference to the original source are rejected by the editorial board for publication in the journal.

Plagiarism implies the use another author's work without permission or acknowledgement. Plagiarism may have different forms from copying word by word to rewriting.

The editorial board of the journal judge any case of plagiarism on its own merits. If plagiarism is detected, either by editors or reviewers at any stage before publication of a manuscript, the author(s) will be alerted asking him/her to either rewrite the text or quote the text exactly and cite the original source.