Mykhaylo Voynarenko

  Alexey Svistunov


The peculiarities of Ukraine’s socio-economic development are investigated and their problematic aspects are highlighted in the article, along with their systemic analysis. The need for state regulation to increase the transformation processes in the economy under crisis conditions is justified. The objective of the study is the further development of theoretical approaches, systematisation of the analysis results and definition of the main measures to improve the efficiency of the socio-economic processes management in Ukraine to ensure implementation of the economic growth model in the short term. The subject of the study is the state of socio-economic development of Ukraine. The object of study are the transformation processes taking place in the country’s economy. The study uses methods of logical generalisation, graphical, analysis, evaluation. The originality of the article lies in the approach of the authors to the definition and justification of ways to solve complex socio-economic problems of Ukraine. The new trends in management efficiency improvement of socio-economic processes in Ukraine, which are to ensure implementation of the economic growth model in the short term, are developed. The role of economic development in the investment attractiveness of the economy is justified. IT has been identified as an important activity for increasing the country’s income. It has been shown that structural restructuring of an enterprise, its transformation on the basis of technological renewal in connection with realisation of the potential of informatisation and technological innovations, implies a number of structural changes in the direction of innovative development. It is confirmed that intensification of processes of informatisation, digitisation will allow to unite business, capital, industrial, scientific and trading infrastructure in the direction of achievement of world standards of development. Ways to solve the outlined problems will accelerate the socio-economic development of Ukraine, ensure sustainable development of the country’s industry in the globalised economic space. At the same time, the development of cluster systems, which allow to combine science, business and government to solve the problems of sustainable development of regions, countries and their associations, is of great importance. The study also emphasises the high potential of Ukraine in the development of information systems, their active introduction in various industries of the country.

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socio-economic system, crisis, government regulation, investment climate, clustering, development institutions, post-industrial society


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