Tetiana Mulyk


The purpose of the paper is to study the current state of capital investments in Ukraine, to identify areas to improve investment attractiveness. Methodology The theoretical and methodological basis of the study are modern theories of market economy. The following methods were used in the research: inductive, deductive, analysis and synthesis, historical and logical, graphic. Results. It is established that the economic activity of individual economic entities, regions and the country as a whole is largely characterized by the volume and forms of investment. Development of the state is impossible without a sufficient level of investment, their focus on priority sectors of the national economy and effective use. Investments are an important factor of progressive development of any economic system. The obstacles to the effective implementation of the investment mechanism are indicated. It was found that the volume of investment in the domestic economy remains low due to an unfavorable investment climate caused by an imperfect legislative framework, underdeveloped stock market and financial and credit system, strong tax pressure, inefficient use of depreciation deductions, and low level of transformation of savings of the population into investment. The analytical assessment of capital investments in Ukraine, the dynamics of their change, by types of economic activity in 2016-2020 was carried out. The volumes of capital investments in Ukraine by types of assets in 2016-2020 were studied. The sources of financing of capital investments and their structure are characterized. The directions of increasing investment attractiveness are defined. The most priority directions are replacement of worn-out machines and equipment, automation and mechanization of the production process, reduction of production costs and environmental protection. Practical implications. As a result of the study, priority areas to improve the investment attractiveness of business entities, which will contribute to investment security, through a balanced and sound public policy to support investment activities and implementation of the proposed recommendations for businesses and public authorities.

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investment activity, investments, capital investments, investment resources, investment attractiveness


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