Hanna Kalashnykova


The purpose of the article is to identify ways to increase investment efficiency of the agricultural sector, identify factors influencing the formation of investment potential of the sector, which will outline the components of investment support models for the development of the agricultural sector. Methodology. The expediency of using the method of principal components is proved, which will solve the problem, because, unlike others, it allows to combine disparate indicators, is able to identify a sufficient number of characteristic factors in factor analysis and has other advantages over simple methods of factor analysis. The initial data were the indicators of investment activity of the agricultural sector of Ukraine for the period 2017-2022. The calculations were performed using the software product Statistica 10.0. Results. The use of the main components method allowed to identify four main directions of improving the investment efficiency of the agricultural sector, in particular, «investment architecture», «balancing the investment product», «investment climate» and «stimulating investment activity». Practical implications. The practical significance of the results is short- and medium-term prospects, the success of the new system of investment support for agricultural development will combine infrastructure for investment and the formation of growth points that are attractive to investors and eliminate barriers to investment between investors and Ukrainian companies. Value/originality. The new model of investment support for the development of the agricultural sector will have the above components and will provide a rationale for choosing priority areas of investment, investment sources, investor selection, identifying investment instruments, forecasting investment for the new period with analysis of previous performance.

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Kalashnykova, H. (2022). MAIN WAYS TO INCREASE INVESTMENT EFFICIENCY OF AGRICULTURAL SECTOR DEVELOPMENT. Green, Blue and Digital Economy Journal, 3(1), 23-27.
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investments, investment support, development, investment architecture, balancing of investment product, investment climate of stimulation of investment activity, agrarian sector


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