Viktoriia Khrypiuk


Ukraine's food industry is extremely important for the country's economy, and food production always deserves special attention in state economic policy and ensuring food security of the country. Therefore, this research is dedicated to the analysis of the main problems of development of the food processing sector of the country's economy and finding prospects for its development in the current conditions of functioning. The purpose of the article is the researching of problems of functioning and search of ways of improvement of development of Ukraine's food industry in the conditions of reorientation of process of manufacturing of branch products to more innovative and technologically advanced with high value added, taking into account modern global financial and economic, and technological trends of functioning of economy; identification of all positive and negative factors of functioning in the new conditions of the industry. Such production is considered as the main instrument of the country for improving the efficiency of development of the food industry of Ukraine in particular, and the economy of the country as a whole. In order to reach this purpose, the following objectives have been solved: the basic tendencies of development of the food processing sector of Ukraine are summarized in the context of solving global problems and challenges of the present and the directions of improving the efficiency of development of the food industry of Ukraine are justified by determining the priority of the state influence on the production and increase of export of food products with high value added. The subject of the research have been scientific, theoretical, methodological and practical aspects of the problems and prospects of development of the food industry of Ukraine. The methodology of the research assumes the dialectical nature of the relationship between the development of the global economy, integration processes, structural and transformational changes in the world economy with the formation and functioning of the food processing sector of the national economy. The research is based on a systemic approach, which is a comprehensive study of the main problems of food industry development. In addition, the methods of the empirical as well as theoretical levels have been used, namely: comparative analysis is to study the development of particular branches of the food industry and the main problems inherent in a particular industry; SWOT analysis, the methodology of which is the basis for developing strategic plans at any level; statistical and economic methods are to identify trends in structural and dynamic changes in food production; abstract-logical method is for generalization of theoretical propositions, establishment of causal relationships and formation of conclusions and proposals. The article considers the objective necessity of state supporting of the food industry of Ukraine in the conditions of a market economy, in view of their unique features. The economic principles of the necessity of directing state regulation to support the development of food processing with a deeper technological process of manufacturing of innovative products with high value added, as the main tool for enhancing the development of the food industry, are formed. The results of the research and conclusions obtained can be used in the practical activity of public authorities and local self-government aimed at ensuring food security, for the development of programs for the development of food industry, in the development of state programs of socio-economic development.

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Khrypiuk, V. (2020). PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS OF UKRAINE’S FOOD INDUSTRY. Green, Blue and Digital Economy Journal, 1(1), 37-42.
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food industry, production, export, value added, economic growth, SWOT analysis, government regulation


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