Halyna Hrynyshyn


The purpose of this article is to study the intensification of venture investment in innovation processes in Ukraine, to identify problems and promising areas of development of the venture industry. The article considers the essential characteristics of the economic category "venture investments" and "investments", comparative analysis and the relationship between them. The main advantages and disadvantages of venture investment, values and main forms are highlighted. The sequence of stages of venture financing and types of schemes of venture financing are given. Venture capital entities are considered. The main stages of formation of the venture industry in Ukraine are revealed. Methods of analysis and risk assessment of the investment project are offered. The main types of strategies for minimizing risks in venture investing are presented. Among the considered strategies the most promising are strategies implemented with the participation of third parties, as in this case the maximum effect from a point is reached view of the national economy. Object of research. Venture capital in the system of financing innovation processes in the modern economy. The subject of the research is theoretical methodological and applied aspects of the functioning of venture capital as a source of financing innovation processes in Ukraine. The methodological basis of the study is a set of general and special methods of cognition. Methods of analysis and synthesis, generalization and scientific abstraction were used in the formation of the conceptual and categorical apparatus. The analysis of approaches to understanding the essence of venture investment, its components was carried out using dialectical and systemic-structural methods. The application of the historical-logical method, induction and deduction made it possible to study the genesis of the theory of economics and enterprise management, the factors of the strategy of development of venture investment of business entities. Within the framework of the study of the current state of venture investment, calculation and analytical methods of observation, measurement, analysis and comparison are used. Conclusions. It is proved that venture investment only has a positive effect on accelerating innovation processes in the economy when it performs its main function – investing in small innovative enterprises that implement their progressive ideas, providing positive innovative changes in the production structure in favor of high-tech systems. The essence of the influence of venture capital on innovation processes is manifested only through its main function – venture investment.

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Hrynyshyn, H. (2020). VENTURE INVESTMENTS AS A PROSPECTIVE DIRECTION OF ACTIVATION OF INNOVATIVE ACTIVITY. Green, Blue and Digital Economy Journal, 1(2), 45-51.
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innovation, venture capital, venture investment, bankruptcy, profitability, financial institutions, risks, startups


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